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U may call me Holly
I am in France right now but I was born in the United States, I will only be staying in France for a year and a half while. I've been to France two times before this trip. My family loves to go around the world but this trip is different, my bff from Oregon came to France w. me. I speak very fluent English AND French, a good amount of Spanish, and a little Japanese (very little).I have some grammer problems but I like to write, mostly about the sonic team! SONIC AND SHADOW AND AMY ROCKS!!!!

I am an Anthro named Holly (Real first name) Snowstorm (Not real last name) and I have plant controling powers! I am a rare white coated squirrel with green eyes (Real color eyes)!!!
Okay, so, when my little cousins were over, I spent some time with my friends. Somehow we started talking about the unpopular Sonic couples not many people would think about. And, so, we made a small list, and they are making me write about them and draw pics but I said sure until Rylie and Kat brought yuri and yaoi. Sorry yuri and yaoi fans, my skills on those things are horrible, ask Kat to write some, BEG her, if you want yaoi and yuri. Beside, I get uncomfortable even thinking about writing them.

1. Amy x Nack (I'm so doing this one)
2. Cream x Silver (Eh)
3. Blaze x Big (If I chose to write this, it is going to be uncomfortable...Big being king...Pure choas...)
4. Wave x Sonic (Intersting)
5. Amy x Jet (Jet hated Sonic and getting Amy, sounds like a nice story)
6. Rouge x Silver (Never saw this one)
7. Sally x Big (Oh gosh, Rylie and her ideas...)
8. Amy x Espio (Ninjas! So I'm fine with writing this one)
9. Blaze x Shadow (Shadow being the ruler once again with Blaze, better than Sally)
10. Tikal x Shadow (Not sure how I'm gonna write this one, if I do)
11. Rouge x Jet (Both thiefs so why not)
12. Tikal x Silver (I can see this more than Tikal x Shadow)
13. Amy x Knuckles (<.< ?)
14. Cream x Emerl (Awwww, cute Cream always bring the good out of people/robots)
15. Blaze x Espio (Too much purpleness)
16. Froggy x Cheese (O.o)

If you got anymore, just tell me. No Eggman couples, please don't make me vomit.

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HeaventheHedgehog8 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student Artist
Hey Holly!! I missed you so much! Remember me? Heaven! :meow: Long time no see!
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Moved to new account : :iconwhiteseptemberbunny:
Appity Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey holls! Everything alright? Haven't seen you around in awhile...!
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'ello XD It's meee! Sonadowfan333 is back >:3
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Thanks for the fave! ^^
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